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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Watch our movie trailer at the School Poetry Slam: February 13!

Animated Emotions

Animation by Jimmy

By Nicole

Monday, January 22, 2007


Joan Miro, "The Potato"

Salvador Dalí, "Persistence of Memory"

Rene Margritte, "The Human Condition"

In 1924, André Breton published the Manifesto of Surrealism, describing the beliefs and practices of the Surrealists.
The Surrealists' interest in chance operations and free association (as utilized in automatic writing and collaborations) stemmed from an interest in the psychoanalytical theories of Sigmund Freud

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Creators



Teaching artist:

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Building a story

A family in Grant Street

Kermit was adopted as a child by an american family, but didn’t know it. When Kermit was about 15, his younger brother prank call a russian mafia for hours. Russian mafia got angry about how high their phone bill was and trace the call to america. The Russian mafia went to america and killed Kermit’s family while he was at the store buying milk for his family. When he arrived home he saw the russian mafia exited his house and drove off into their car. When Kermit walk into his house, saw his family dead on the floor. When the police came they thought he killed them because he didn’t look anything like his family. Kermit was sent to prison for 20 years. While in prison, Kermit discovers from a convict about the people who killed his family and the leader of the russian mafia was the king of russia. When Kermit was released from prison he swearn an oath to takedown Russia. Kermit went to Russia, he meets a young woman, which he didn’t know that she was a mafia spy just like Squirrelovich.

Sketches from our Set Designer:

Possible ANTAGONISTS include:

After a democratic consesus we have a MAIN CHARACTER: Kermit the Frog Character Sheet or Turnround:

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Brainstormig Session

Robert-- dreams to eat the dancing banana
ninja-- planning to kill Pablo because he’s allergic to dogs and Pablo’s a talking dog
frog (kermit)-- plans to bomb Russia
Cookie monster-- wants more cookies “I need to go to rehab for cookies. one more won’t hurt. Hmmmmm”

-- dude in a bikini, but wants to become a viking.
Pablo-- talking dog, wants to become human
dancing banana-- wants Robert dead. Why?
Arnold-- wants plastic surgery to fix his head
mohawrk demon and fried egg demon-- evil demons who want to take over the world

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


The guy with the Nintendo “GS” is walking in the park. His friend said: “Hey, you got a Nintendo”
S Shirt guy say, “Can we see it?”
“Sure”, said the spiky hair guy.

By Jenny

Music: Tetris Theme Song
Blonde & Yellow Shirt: Hey what’s that?
Blue Shirt: It’s a new DS!
Blonde: What game are you playing?
Yellow Shirt: Can we play?
Blue: It’s the new Tetris game and no you can’t play

By Michelle

Dude, can I play your Pintendo GS?
Ah… no.

By Kelvin

Guy with DS comes. Pal watch him playing stay untin night because game is so good!
By Aaron

One morning a young boy walk in Central Park. He has a blue jacket with an evil face smiling. This boy sat on the nearest bench to him. He sat down, the reach into his left pocket and take out a Nintendo GS and switched it on. After hours of playing, a boy with a white t-shirt walk up to him and said “Wow! Yo get the new Nintendo GS before it came out” The boy with the blue jacket jumped.

By Ronson

Monday, November 13, 2006

Can we tell a story just with QUESTIONS?

We create some objects that we could find at a school and try to tell a story with them, can you imagine who ask the questions?

Where is this school?

What does the S on the book stands for?

Does the book eat human FLESSSSH?

Does the school have a comp lab?

Do they serve ramen?

Will the school offer ramen noodles for lunch?

WHAT KIBY TO TURN his mouth green?
Dose the mouse like pie?

What is that ring on the noodles?